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EcoBug Urinal Cap -25 pcs case and one litter of High Performance Solution

SKU: EBCAP25Sol01 $584.68
The ecobug® Urinal Cap contains a bacterial (microbe) block we manufacture to our special formula containing a closely guarded secret ingredient. Unlike other products available we add no salt, commonly used as a filler to prolong life as it does nothing to aid or counter bad odour or blockages. The Ecobug environmentally certified ISO 14000/140001 could save you 98% or water use. This package includes a litter of the High Performance Washroom Cleaner.ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner is an effective blend of naturally-occurring microbes which degrade the organic matter that odour-producing bacteria normally grow on, causing bad odors not to arise . The microorganisms suppress all bad bacteria and split those components of urine which are responsible for the formation of bad odors and urinary stones. ecobug ® High Performance Washroom Cleaner will create a naturally fresh, clean smell will in your toilet

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